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The Debut Novelist's Guide to Year One

December 18, 2005

(Originally posted at Readerville, 2003)

Since it is now a year since my debut was published, here is my month-to-month guide for writers on what to expect:

June - giddy excitement, love for the world and all its peoples.

July - giddy excitement, head swelling from reviews and interviews, me, me, me.

August - drowning in self-pity, humiliated at sparce readings and by big and bad review.

September - angry loner, hate people so much, revenge soon

October - de-tox

November - relapse

December - de-tox

January - book clubs, giddy excitement, love for all people

February - occurs to me for the first time since June to ask other people how their lives are going.

March - sick of book and all things to do with book

April - love book, beg its forgiveness

May - nostalgia for June